Program Overview


Incorporated into the program will be classes on resume writing and interviewing skills. We will explain how to translate military service into civilian experience and how to leverage that service in the job market.

Mental/Physical Fitness

Daily routines to improve the body and mind. Utilize the brain performance institute to re-train the brain and identify any underlying problems missed in our exit from the military

PTS (Post Traumatic Stress)

Institute a PTS education plan to better help deal with PTS and understand its workings. Utilize a peer support approach to PTS recovery.

Equine Therapy

Having a working ranch offers many opportunities to interact with horses and use that interaction as therapy. Data has shown that this type of therapy has great effects on returning veterans in regards to spirit and overall attitude.

Bridging the gap between combat Veterans and good Red Blooded American civilians. Who share the same ethics and standards of those combat Veterans

The Ranch

Working a ranch is hard but rewarding work. The goal is to develop an accredited curriculum and graduate all our participants with a certificate in ranch management. This will boost results for employment in our area of operations. Texas Tech is currently a pioneer in these types of programs and has shown great success.

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