Our Mission

To establish a sanctuary for our returning combat veterans, assist in a successful transition and address the most pressing issues facing veterans today.


American Patriot Support Foundation

Support Combat Veterans

The vision for APSF is to establish a self-sustaining sanctuary for our returning combat veterans. While in the military we rely on our brotherhood and comraderies to help us through any situation. Once we leave the military in many instances we lose that part of our lives. APSF seeks to change that!

6-Week Program

Most programs offered to veterans are short in duration. APSF’s program will run for 6 concurrent weeks. This will help to form a bond of brotherhood once again and overcome some of the struggles our returning veterans are facing together. The APSF will open its doors at all times to all candidates who successfully navigate our 6-week program.

Life-Long Support

Once you make it through the program you are a brother/sister for life and the APSF will always stand with you in good times or bad. Finding people with the right personality to persevere through the program and gel into the group environment among military veterans should not be a complicated task; these are the type that join.

Goal Oriented

We are looking for leaders who are willing to put in the hard work to accomplish goals. Each veteran will have their own individual goals prior to coming to APSF such as seeking higher education, employment, and overall well-being. It is our goal to empower that veteran to attain those achievements and more with the help of our program.



The main portion of this foundation will revolve around a fully working ranch location TBD. The ranch will be worked, maintained, and improved by the veterans enrolled in the program. This will give those enrolled numerous benefits such as: camaraderie, education, sense of belonging, and a mission in life. We will also incorporate a physical fitness program and a mental fitness program. Eventually the ranch will be self-sustaining operating off of cattle sales and crops all grown on property. We will take an active interest in our local community and participate in community service projects and education in the areas of military service. Lastly we would like to focus on conservation and sustainability to develop good stewards of the land and ensure the long term success of the ranch.

Not having to rely solely on donations to keep the program running will ensure the longevity of this operation. The community involvement aspect will bring awareness to the public and ultimately open up new avenues for the participants. The foundation will then be having a twofold effect on society, one on the participants themselves and secondly on the community at large.

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